Bad Habits

Mar 23, 2017

Sometimes I really want to delete Instagram. I just realized that whenever I post a picture of myself I'm losing a few followers. And do you know these people who follow you for the only reason to unfollow you the next day? It's like saying "Well, your photos are pure crap but maybe you like mine." If you want to get attention leave a fucking comment (which should be about the picture you're commenting on and not how amaaaazing your own account is).

I hate that. And I do even more hate the fact that I hate it. Because nobody should care about a stupid number.

Damn, what a negative post. Sorry for that. But I guess it had to be said. At least all my hateful thoughts inspired me to wear my new hoodie and create this "somewhere between winter and spring" look.
Primark hoodie, creepers – Pretty Little Thing jeans – Adidas socks

photos by Nikigraphy

Double Denim

Mar 22, 2017

Recently I'm often experimenting with different colors and patterns. For today's look I mixed up a sporty, red t-shirt and blouse with leopard print. For the denim part I was kind of inspired by Britney's legendary all-denim look from the 2001 American Music Awards. If you don't know what I'm talking about: Please leave. (Haha, but seriously: Google it!)

Both, t-shirt and jacket, are from JUNAROSE (thank you!) which I can honestly recommend when you're searching for clothes made of cozy and soft material. I actually never owned a more comfortable jeans jacket!
JUNAROSE jacket*, t-shirt* – Primark blouse – Pimkie jeans – River Island boots

Farkhunda (II/II)

Mar 19, 2017

H&M top – Zara jeans – Office London boots – vintage watch

One Day in Hamburg

Mar 18, 2017

Last week I felt the urge to visit another city than Berlin. So I decided to book a ticket for a short trip Hamburg on Tuesday. I spent the day with taking street style photos and a little walk through the city. While strolling around the central station I found a very cute, little shop called Vintage & Rags (Kurze Mühren 6) where I bought amazing Prada sandals. Even if it's definitely not a cheap store I can really recommend it if you're searching for special fashion treasures. Another thing I randomly discovered was AHOI (Spitalerstraße 12) where I ate the most delicious fries ever.

Dorcas Serafina

Mar 17, 2017

Forever 21 coat, dress – Charles & Keith bag – no name boots
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